Business Scenario in India

With India being one of the fastest economies today, it provides countless business opportunities for someone who is looking out to start an enterprise in this culturally diverse nation. That being said, before dipping your toes in the water, it is crucial to understand the whole business dynamics in India. That is where, PathFinder comes into the picture. It helps aspiring entrepreneurs and prospective investors to comprehend not just the business environment in India, but also the cultural nuances that will help drive their business.

India is one nation, but many economies. It is definitely an attractive market, but at the same time it isn’t an easy one to enter with its distinctive collage of social and cultural communities. Running a business in India requires “deep pockets, resilience, patience, and most importantly a sense of humour”!

There are certain leadership qualities that one must possess in order to enter the Indian market with the mindset of not just starting, but also sustaining the business, such as:

  • A strong sense of connect, belonging, and familiarity
  • Integrity and Communication skills
  • Ability to address the staggering diversity across the political landscape
  • A demonstrated track record of –
  1. Domain expertise
  2. Operational expertise and performance
  3. Corporate governance orientation and deep understanding of the regulatory framework
  4. Ethical conduct and transparency
  5. Personal familiarity with multiple stakeholders, their influence, and inter dependence
  6. Knowledge of the personal background of potential partners, customers, and other stakeholders
  7. Stature to represent not merely the organization, but also the owners with an acceptable degree of acceptability and credibility