Our Services

Strategic Advisory – PathFinder’s strategic advisory services is largely aimed at medium enterprises, particularly family businesses to create a road map for their growth and development (including family settlements and reorganisation necessary to achieve this), and more particularly, induction of the next-gen members, global collaboration, and professionalizing rank and file.

Start Up Support – PathFInder helps in mentoring and advising the young brigade of advisors, specially focused on a niche dimension – “what not to do or what to avoid”

Turnaround Support – PathFinder helps the entrepreneurs by joining the advisory board of corporations undergoing resolution and rehabilitation under the insolvency regime, or a stress fund or a new investor, or provide bespoke advice.

Coaching and Mentoring – Coaching and mentoring services are meant for anyone who is establishing entrepreneurship, whether senior corporate executives or next-gen members of business families getting inducted into the business or young start up entrepreneurs.

Outreach services – PathFinder can advise and guide business and families to find and reach the ‘right’ professional service provider for the precise business needs such as association with the right law, accounting, and advisory firms, coaches and mentors or senior corporate executives.

Why PathFinder?

Starting a new venture is an exacting task; especially if you’re establishing something anew in an unchartered territory and you would want require help for wide-range of services in varied domains. Following are a few of them mentioned, elucidating why one may need the services from PathFinder.

  • To get a precise sense of the market and environment – customers, competitors, support, and ancillary service providers (testing, installation, commissioning, and after markets).
  • To understand the broad regulatory framework – a hands on and business appreciation of newer and evolving regulations and their implications for international parties.
  • To suggest possible partners and alliances including diligence check on their credentials, capabilities, reputation, etc.
  • To understand the ‘grassroot’ cultural issues and challenges including conventional procurement and alliance making processes, timelines, negotiation strategies, etc.
  • To establish not just high level, but appropriate level connects with alliance, customer, or vendor organizations, and ensuring that they receive the right kind of attention that is required.
  • To follow up on the dialogues and connections initiated and established for swift outcomes.
  • To handhold, critique, and fine tune the strategy and business plan for Indian market.
  • To support the appraisal, selection, and induction process of key partners and employee.
  • To identify and work with local accounting and legal firms to ensure delivery and execution of the right kind of advice at the right cost.
  • To support any dispute resolution, even if trivial to ensure smoothness in the execution of plans.
  • To offer all other kinds of administrative and advisory support as may be needed from time to time.
  • To have an access to the inputs of senior level and retired CEOs, bureaucrats, etc.
  • To have connections with senior level decision makers in business organizations relevant to the clients’ business – as a vendor/service provider, collaborator, customer.

What a Pathfinder does not do:

- Government or Regulatory Liaison – it however provides, insight and advice to deal with Government agencies and regulations, nuances in their manner of working, introduction and selection of such service providers where appropriate or needed;
- Agency or Representation Services – whether as a sales agent or a power of attorney holder;
- Expert level advisory services in tax, legal regulatory, cyber security, IT infrastructure etc. but assisting in the selection of an appropriate service provider.

MERX has no ‘best friend’ relationship with any professional service provider; however, it advises and guides business and families to find the ‘right for the purpose’

  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Advisory Firms
  • Coaches and Mentors
  • Senior Corporate Executives
  • Executive Search Firms