I have known Ashok both in my professional and personal capacity and have interacted with him on a wide range of subjects covering politics, business, history and social issues. Regardless of the topic of discussion or place of interaction, Ashok has always maintained a certain degree of purposefulness in wanting to do the right thing, matters that may benefit the most. Being raised in India, an extremely diverse environment and also having an experience of operating internationally, Ashok has a broad and long history both in personal life and business. He sees the world the way it is and tries to present it for better, hence engaging both old and young in his interaction. I have personally benefitted from his professional ability in numerous areas of marketing and business. While maneuvering through the tricky and slippery path of business ventures, I was guided by Ashok calmly and confidently.

- Matt A. Chandran

  • Founder Director
  • iGene London Ltd

We, at SunOyster Systems, a German start-up want to thank Mr. Barat for his efforts and support in promoting the business interest of SunOyster in India. His contacts with the top management from important companies were extremely helpful. Moreover, his thorough guidance and insights of the Indian market, its culture coupled with the technical knowledge of doing business in India made the process of negotiation and strategic decision making much simpler and effective. Last, but not the least, he is a man who lives up to his commitments.

Dr. Carsten Corino

  • Founder & General Manager
  • SunOyster Systems GmbH